Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Class Schedules for 2018-2019 Season

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Minor Tunes (1st and 2nd Grades) - Monday 3:00-3:45
Harmonic Tunes (5th, 6th, and 7th Grade) - Monday 4:00-5:00

**Note: Monday is early-out day in Alpine School District.

Tiny Tunes (4 years and Kindergarten) - Tuesday 4:00-4:45
Dynamic Tunes (3rd and 4th Grade) - Tuesday 5:00-6:00

** If you would like to register your child and there isn't a class available that will work for you, please go to the registration link.  There is a selection there to mark if you are interested and would like to know if/when other classes become available.  Thank you!!

Testimonials from Parents of TaVaci Kids:

"My daughter loved her first year in TaVaci Tunes with Kaydee.  She looked forward to it each week and sang the songs all throughout our house when she wasn't at class.  She loved performing and it was a great confidence booster for her to be up in front of people.  My daughter found her passion for music and performing this year and I am so happy she found something that she absolutely loves to do!
Kaydee is an amazing director and my daughter learned so much from her.  She truly cares for each of the kids and helps them to find their strengths.  She makes going to class fun and exciting each week, all while teaching them about music, performing, confidence, and working together.  We love Kaydee and her TaVaci Tune Singers!!"

-Melanie H.
  Lehi, UT 

"My sixth-grade son attended Kaydee's TaVaci Tunes this past year.  He loved every second of it!  He learned about music and looked forward to every class.  The performances were a lot of fun and gave lots of kids a chance to shine.  Such a fun music program!  I can't wait for my 3-year-old to be in the program when he is old enough."

-Karen R.
 Lehi, UT

"TaVaci has been a wonderful experience for our kids!  We loved seeing our daughter really thrive in this environment.  She started out so shy, but by the concert she was singing as well as doing the actions to all of the songs.  Our son and daughter both came home singing their songs each week- and soon our three-year-old was singing right along.
Kaydee is amazing with kids!  Even beyond her talent for singing, she just has a knack for making them feel welcome and loved immediately!  TaVaci has been great for us and we recommend it to everyone!!"

-Eaton Family
 Saratoga Springs, UT

Friday, March 20, 2015

Welcome to TaVaci Tunes by Kaydee!

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I am so excited to introduce the TaVaci program to Northern Utah County!  TaVaci is an incredible children's music and performing company.  I will be offering a combination of singing, drama, theory, rhythm, and performing skills all in one class!  My favorite part about this fun program is that the boys and girls are allowed to express themselves in a fun and safe environment.  This allows their self-esteem and confidence to flourish and prepare them for future musical and life experiences.

We will have two semesters a year.  Each semester will include once-a-week classes and a concert. The TaVaci Christmas Concert will be in December and the TaVaci Spring Concert will be held in May/June.  This will allow the children to showcase their talents and what they have learned throughout the semester. You will be so impressed with the students' professionalism and ability to perform their numbers!

Classes in TaVaci by Kaydee will be divided up into age appropriate groups.  These groups are as follows:

Tiny Tunes: Pre-K and Kindergarten (45 minutes)
Minor Tunes: First and Second Grade (45 minutes)
Major Tunes: Third and Fourth Grade (one hour)
Harmonic Tunes: Fifth, Sixth Grade, and Seventh Grade (one hour)

Tuition will be paid on a monthly basis.  This payment will be due the first class of each month.  The first child in your family will be $35.00 a month.  Each additional child in your family will be charged $30.00 a month.  Classes will August 27th/ August 28th!!

Additional Upfront Fee: $20 registration/materials fee per student per year.

Please click here to register for classes.

If you are interested in more information, please email me at kaydee.tavaci@gmail.com.